Relationship Breakdown (paperback)

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 Philly Style is based on real life experiences. From failed relationships to a healthy relationship. Philly will breakdown the process of becoming a qualified mate.

   In 11 amazing chapters Philly will tell the ins and outs, the good and not so good of a relationship and  provide warning signs to watch out for which could possibly assist you with making decisions that could have a significant impact on your relationship...should you stay or should you go. After receiving Philly's insight on relationships, the choice is ultimately yours to make. 

    "Secrets" on why men do this and why men say that will give more insight to the women readers. And for the men, Philly has asked some of his closest female friends to give their point of view on each chapter in effort to provide men with first hand information on what women think when we are doing the things that we do.....with that said, this is a MUST read for all genders.

   RBPS Book includes bonus chapters such as: Encouragement by Philly, where he speaks freely from his heart to give people some empowerment in regards to what they may be going through in a relationship and Q & A with Philly, this chapter outlines a series of questions presented to Philly and he breaks it down- Philly Style. Also, he provides answers and suggestions about relationships and the problems thereof. 

Relationship Breakdown  (paperback)
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